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Voip Call Forwarding And How You Can Use It To Your Benefit

When you have to travel for business and need a way for calls to come to you, you can set up call forwarding. While you are away, there may be essential calls coming to your business that you don’t want to miss. This is why setting up call forwarding is so critical as it keeps your business running smoothly. We’re going to take a look at how you can set up business call forwarding, so you never have to miss an important business call while on a trip again.

What Is Call Forwarding?

Call forwarding allows you to redirect incoming calls to another phone or device. It gives you the power to forward calls straight to your cell phone while you’re away from the office. So if you’re on a business trip and the phone rings, you can have that call come directly to your cell phone. Once you get back to your office, you can set the calls to go back to your office as usual.

It’s also possible to set up your call forwarding system to redirect calls coming in when you’re on another call. A call forwarding service for a small business can also be set up so that if you miss a call it can go to an IVR system, voicemail, or another extension within your organization. It’s also possible to use your call forwarding service to send calls to a customized phone number.

How Does Call Forwarding Work?

Call forwarding works by transferring incoming calls from your virtual line to a physical line. Using a VoIP phone number makes this easy to accomplish.

It also gives you the ability to forward calls from multiple business lines to one single cell phone if you want to. You can also adjust your call forwarding device for specific times of the day or based on the type of call.

All of this can be done from a single online portal. You can use this online portal to set everything up to run smooth between you and your team. All of this can be done from anywhere in the world once you have an internet connection.

The Benefits Of Call Forwarding

As a business owner, one is always thinking about how to grow their business. Many benefits come with having call forwarding systems in your business.

You never have to miss a call

Missing a call in your business can mean missing a sale, not a risk you want to take. With a business call forwarding system, you eliminate miss calls. If call agents are away, you can set up your call forwarding devices to receive incoming calls.

Boost Productivity

Call forwarding can help to boost the overall productivity of your business. Call forwarding services allow you to receive calls on the go.

If you can’t answer a call, you can get the forwarded to your call center or have the caller save a message to be reviewed later. From there, you can simply log in to your online portal and listen to all the messages you received.

Create Custom Forwarding Schedules

You can VoIP call forwarding based on the time of day. It can be set up around business hours, holidays, and even based on the person who’s calling. This helps to eliminate frustration on the part of your customers.

Accepting Local or Toll-Free Calls

With call forwarding services, you can accept local or toll-free calls and direct them to anywhere in your call center. If you have an answering service set up for your business, you can have your call come directly to it.

Expand Your Business

Using the power of the internet, you can now make cheap international phone calls. Call forwarding is a cheap way for you to receive calls from anywhere in the world that come to your business. You won’t lose any business due to miss calls because of too many calls coming in. You can set up everything to forward calls to other sales representatives if you are busy with another call.

This helps to improve the professional image of your business and builds trust with your clients. Your callers will feel important and will choose to do business with you more often.

A call forwarding service also helps to cut costs in your business. You just set everything up online with a few clicks, and you’ll be ready to go in a few minutes.

Easy To Forward Any Call

The best part about having call forwarding for business operations is that it’s easy to setup. The process is as simple as reaching out to a service provider and helping you set up their call forwarding service for you.

We at AntTone can help you with this. It’s straightforward and can be done even if you don’t consider yourself to be technically inclined.

How Can I Start Using Voip Call Forwarding?

When you are ready to set up call forwarding for your business, our team at Anttone can help you. We take you step by step through getting your VoIP phone number all the way to efficiently implementing call forwarding in your business.

With Anttone you can forward your calls to your landline or mobile phone, and it doesn’t matter where you are located. All of this can be done in the AntTone app within the console settings.

Getting starting is as simple as signing up by following our easy to follow instructions. If you don’t already, then you would pick your virtual number. Next, you’ll take the time to configure the settings you want, and then you’ll be able to access AntTone from any device of your choice.

Once you’ve set everything up, you can take advantage of our call forwarding feature. Setting up a call forwarding service for small businesses simple and easy. On top of that, it’s all affordable, so you can get all the benefits of call forwarding for a price you can afford.

At AntTone we offer you the best call forwarding service you need for your business.

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