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VOIP Messaging – An Overview

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is a popular technology used by many businesses and individuals today. Thanks to this technology, people can connect with a wide audience easily with the help of a good internet network. It is quite surprising that many people use this only to make voice calls from their computers. However, there are other services, such as VOIP texting, that you can use for improving the reach of your business to a big group.

Online texting with the help of VOIP

When you want to send text message online, or send MMS from computer, you can make use this internet-based texting service. It is considered as a highly effective text message system for business. This is because, with a virtual number given to you by this service, you can connect to as many customers as you want. By using the MMS service, you can send audio clips, pictures and video clips with your target group, without any hassles.

All you need to have is a computer or a text message app to send an SMS or MMS from your computer/app to as many recipients as you want. With a traditional mobile phone, you may face some restrictions while sending text messages or multimedia messages. This is why texting from computer can make your lives so much easier than you thought. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that VOIP technology has changed the way the world communicates today.

Why businesses should choose VOIP SMS/VOIP MMS

If you want your product/service to reach your customers quickly, it is important to engage with them at regular intervals. You can use many texting apps to maximize the power of the internet and reach out to your customers quickly with the help of internet-based texting services. If you own a business and haven’t used it for promoting your products yet, now is the time to start using this technology to stay in the competition. Here are some compelling reasons why your business needs VOIP SMS/MMS services.

Getting your message across quickly

Thanks to the messaging services offered by this technology, you can now ensure that your message reaches out to all stakeholders concerned at the same time, without any distortions. If you want to connect with your marketing, sales, finance and other teams at the same time to share important broadcasts, there cannot be a better platform than online texting.

The best part of this service is that you can great sub-groups within groups in your contact list to form different sets of target audiences. This way, you can choose to send personalized messages to your customers on special occasions. If you want to share some audios or videos related to new product promotions, discounts and other offers, you can send MMS online from your computer or app to your recipient list within seconds.

Engage with your customers

The success of your business depends on the effectiveness of your customer support and engagement departments. With the help of your exclusive number, you can connect with your customers through text and call at regular intervals to solve their queries or issues. Calling and texting can be done at the same time, thereby adding a lot of value to the relationship you share with your customers.

Organizing meetings and following up on them

Many businesses have tasted success by using the VOIP SMS MMS and calling services for conducting conference calls. This is the best platform for you if you want all your teammates, employers, customers, vendors and other stakeholders to be on the same page when important points are discussed.

Using these services, you can schedule calls, assign items to certain teams, send them reminders to alert them about upcoming meetings and combine texts with calls to make the most of these meetings. Even when you are on the call, you can chat with your customers real-time, as you check their queries on your inbox and revert accordingly.

How can business enable VOIP services to reach out to people

If you thought using this technology for multimedia messaging service or short message service would cost you a lot of time and money, you are mistaken. Here are the simple steps that you have to follow to start connecting with your stakeholders with your internet-powered device:

You should use the right VOIP MMS and SMS service provider first. It could be an app or any marketing platform of your choice.

You need to understand the subscription rates and other terms related to enabling calling, MMS messaging and SMS services. You can use your existing mobile number to call from your device, using the internet, or you could generate a new code or toll-free number for yourself.

Once your (sender) code and number are enabled, you are ready to call, send and receive all types of texts. It is as simple as that!

Why should you opt for online texting services?

You may wonder about the significance of using VOIP SMS and MMS services, especially when you are already using your mobile to text and call your customers. Here are some of the main benefits that you can enjoy with VOIP texting services.

Wide reachability – With a mobile phone, you can use group messaging services to send a message to multiple recipients. However, these groups have a restriction on the maximum number of participants. Also, there is no way you can send a message discreetly in a group messaging platform. With this technology, however, you can reach` out to thousands of recipients with a single message, within seconds.

Personalization possible – When you choose a good service provider, you can get personalized services. While sending an MMS text or an SMS, you have the flexibility to send it only to certain members and not to the entire group. You can create sub-groups within your contact list to segment them based on various parameters. You can even schedule your texts, so that they reach the recipients at the exact time that you wanted them to read it.

Yes, you have to pay some subscription fees to any VOIP service provider that you choose; however, it is a small investment that you shouldn’t hesitate to shell out now. Your business is going to reap loads of returns in the coming days, once you enable online texting services to improve your reach and visibility among your customers.

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