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How to set up a VoIp Number In Your Home

Are you ready to get rid of your landline for something more affordable? Well, if you have reliable home internet, you can be making inexpensive, high-quality calls. How? Through the use of VoIP technology. We will take a look at what this technology is and how you can get it set up in your home.

So What Is A VoIP Home Service?

From the moment most people hear about Voice over IP, they begin thinking about a business environment. It’s easy for this to happen as most people think this type of technology is only available to a business. The excellent news this with advancements in technology and most phones running a data network because they have an internet connection, they can use this type of technology. So it’s not just something for the business environment you can use it at home.

Most internet service providers have to start to include VoIP home services as a part of their package. These offerings are okay, but they come with a lot less than what you would get from a dedicated VoIP home phone service provider.

For the internet service provider, this is just an add on. For the VoIP, home service provider,s their service is built specifically for this. This means you get access to more features than what you would get from your ISP.

Even better is that most of these providers offer plans that give you the power to make nationwide calls. So now you can make long-distance calls for a fraction of the usual traditional phone line price. Useful for when you need to call family members or friends who live in another state. A VoIP home phone service even gives you the ability to choose the area code of your choice. So if a family member lives in a particular state, you can select that area code to make your call.

Having this type of system in your home can help to make calling anywhere in the world easier.

How It Works

The best VoIP home service gives you the ability to make calls using the internet service in your home. Using your broadband connection, you can begin making more cheap calls at home. Once you get set up with a provider and get your number and equipment, you will be ready to go.

It’s a simple process to have all of this set up in your home. You need first to find a cheap VoIP home phone service provider that fits your needs. Once you’ve done this, they will send a bridge device which you would then plug into your home wireless router.

Most providers make this process as simple as possible, but some provider gives you the ability to use an app. With an app, you simply have to have it installed on the device you will be using at your home.

Most VoIP home service providers will provide you with a phone. You may not get one because of the use of a bridge device. A bridge device gives you the power to transform your old phone into a VoIP home phone. It can be a little overwhelming to get set up if you are not the type of person who deals with this type of technology very often. Your VoIP home phone providers will walk you through the process of getting everything set up and running.


A VoIP home phone service also comes with more advanced features. Before you get any of these features, you have to know whether you would need them for your home are not and whether you want to pay for them. You may not need all of them, but some will help enhance your VoIP home service.


Need to send a message because you can’t answer a call? Well, you can send it from the devices you have your number set up on. With a cheap VoIP home phone, you can send an SMS to any state once you have a stable internet connection for your device.

Call Forwarding

If you are not at home and a call comes in, there’s a high chance you’ll miss that call. With a VoIP home service, you can set up your number to ring to your cell phone, laptop, or tablet device. To do this, you simply set up the number you want to forward your calls to. By setting up call forwarding, you will never miss another call when you’re not at home again.

It’s also possible to set up your home phone to receive a call and direct it to another phone in your home so another family member can answer that call.

A call forwarding feature is one of the many benefits you get from VoIP home phone service providers.

Choosing A VoIP Home Phone Service

Before you do anything else, you must choose a service provider to get started. A right provider is one with a known track record. One person can vouch for because they see the level of service they get from that company. This is what you get when you choose to work with our team.

We at AntTone make getting a cheap VoIP home phone service easy. Using our cloud-based technology system, we can make internet phone calls using your home network connection.

Your budget is also an essential part of choosing your VoIP home service provider. Luckily many of our plans at AntTone are affordable. We have some of the best plans to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Customer Support

We know there will be moments when you just need help. For this very same reason, we have a customer support team to help you when you need it. You can contact our team 24/7 by email or live chat. We will walk you step by step through any issues you may be having.

So if you want quality, affordable service with your VoIP number, you should consider our team at AntTone, and let’s get started today.

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