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VOIP calling technology has changed the world forever. With it, you can make calls using the power of the internet. It has become the choice way for most businesses to makes calls and receive calls for their business. Many benefits come with VoIP calling, but one of this technology’s unique features allows you to have an extension.

What Is A Virtual Extension?

There are two main types of extension dialing you can have, and one for residential phones and the other is for a business line. Residential extensions are when a second line is added to the same line as the primary phone. Any incoming call to the number allows both phones to ring. Extensions give you the power to receive calls in different parts of your home.

The way it works for a business is slightly different as it adds to a business’s efficiency. In a business, an extension is a number you can call to get a specific person. It works by the use of an internal line that runs to a PBX. A PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, a telephone network within an organization that connects the phones.

A set up like this gives an organization the power to share lines within a business between different people. When one person makes a call, all the lines will not be busy if there’s an incoming call.

Benefits Of Extensions

When someone calls your business, you want them to get to the person they want as quickly as possible. The way to accomplish this is through the use of extensions within your organization.

A person calls your business, and once they know the person they’re trying to get in contact with, they can reach that extension and get straight to the person. This helps to improve the efficiency of your business. It also helps prevent errors in where are person calls a company, and the calls go to the wrong person.

A VoIP extension’s real benefit is the benefit it brings to people in the customer service, executive assistants, tech support, and receptionist. Transferring calls becomes a lot easier as you simply need to remember the person’s extension and transfer, then call to that extension.

Another benefit of using a virtual number is you get access to an unlimited number of extensions. You can set up any number of devices you want with an extension and have all of them ring at the same time until the call gets answered by your team.

VoIP Phone Extension

VOIP is a powerful new technology that gives you the ability to call anywhere in the world once you have an internet connection. They also allow you to set up a phone with extensions. A VoIP extension gives you more flexibility with an old system, such as extension dialing.

How It Works

A VoIP extension or virtual extension is set up through a VoIP provider. Once set up, you can start using four-digit extension dialing. You’re not limited to four digits. You can use either three, four, or five-digit extension dialing when setting up your number with your provider.

The beauty of getting all of this set up is you can choose the number of digits that suit your organization. It’s not a once size fits all system and gives you the flexibility to choose. If you select one set number of digits at any time and want to change to another, that’s all easy.

Location Independent

These days many businesses don’t even have offices. Some have employees that work from many different places in the world. You have some who work from home or some who are required to work while they are traveling.

With a virtual number, you have the flexibility to receive calls from anywhere in the world. A person could be halfway around the globe from their business, but once they have a VoIP number and set up to have calls forwarded to them, they can receive their calls.

VoIP phone extensions allow a business to have operations anywhere in the world. An incoming call can go to the right person once they have that person’s virtual extension.

The traditional extension is linked to a specific phone within an organization. With a VoIP number, you can take your phone number extension with you. All it takes is having an internet connection, and you can accept incoming calls to your extension. Having this ability with your phone allows you to relax as you know any important incoming calls to your phone extension will come straight to your phone.

Employees don’t have to worry about area codes either because a virtual number with extensions can ring another person even if they’re in another country once you call their extension. This eliminates the need for having toe set up a PBX system. You can get started with a VoIP right after you get your number.

How to Get A Voip Extension?

Before you can experience a VoIP phone’s power with extensions, you need to get a VoIP number. To get one, you have to find a VoIP provider. At AntTone, we call help you get your VoIP number and get your extensions all set up. We make the whole process as simple as possible and can have you up and running in no time.

A reliable internet connection is one of the main things you need to have if you plan to make calls using a VoIP number. Once you have this and you get your number, you can get started. Simply take the time to set up your extensions, and you’re golden.

Our VoIP extension service is suitable for your business and makes communication more efficient within your organization. You don’t have to worry about setting up a PBX system within your organization to manage the extensions. You just need to sign up and get started.

Once you are signed up, getting a number is a simple one, and our team will help you through each step in the process.

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